Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elenis NY-Disappointed by their Retail Project Manager

Eleni's NY is a beautiful location with great cookies and cupcake designs but I was disappointed by them this Monday by their Retail Project Manager (Christina DiFeo). Let me begin by saying that I applied for a position at Eleni's NY and was emailed by Christina that she wanted to have a phone interview with me. I informed her that I was available for the interview on the date she stated on the email. She then emailed me again to reschedule for Monday afternoon and I said I was available for the phone interview.

When Monday came, I was really excited because it was a great opportunity to get a chance to get a interview to work for Eleni's NY. I came out of class 5 min before the time she told me she was going to call and I waited and waited. I starred at my phone for more than 20 min and she never called. I sent her an email asking her if everything was fine because she didn't call me for the interview. About three days went by and I didn't receive no response from her. Finally, at the end of the third day I received an email from her just stating, "So sorry I wasn't able to call you on Monday. Would you have some time to talk this Friday? If so, please let me know what time."

Once again, I informed her that I was available for the phone interview on Friday at either 12 or 3 pm or when she was available. Friday came and again she didn't call. I was like is she playing games with me. She sent me an email later that day stating, "12 and 3 didn't work. Can I give you a call Monday? Does 1 work." I emailed her again, informing her that I was available on Monday at 1 pm. Your going to laugh now, 1 pm came and she didn't call again. She finally sent me an email later that day to inform me that they filled all the spots for the position.

Why would someone have the nerve to say such a thing after not calling 3 straight times and leaving me waiting for a phone interview. Christina DiFeo, Retail Project Manager for Eleni's NY is very unprofessional with the way she handled this process. I believe I deserve an apology from Eleni's NY for what I had to go through during the none interview process and the many times their Retail Project Manager Christina DiFeo left me like a fool waiting for her interview. I still can't believe what she did to me. I did not deserve this.

Let me know what you feel about this. Leave me your comments.

---Reporting Chef Sweet Cheeks


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