Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Planning out a baking weekend

Photo Credit: Flickr user o'Hollysweet

Time is flying by fast as I prepare my recipe for a wedding cake I will make in August. It will be a three tier cake with a combination of Dominican cake and Jamaican white rum cake. It's for a good colleague of mine who is getting married and I have the privilege to create her wedding cake.

This weekend I will be baking both the Dominican cake and Jamaican cake and covering them with fondant. I will be filling the cakes with some delicious home made vanilla cream. I will take pictures of some of the steps I will be taking so stay posted over the weekend for some pictures and a little sneak peek of one of my recipes.

FYI, above is a photo of a wedding cake just to give you a little idea of how its going to look like. The color will be purple and the flowers will be arranged differently.

---Reporting Chef Sweet Cheeks


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