Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sugarbloom cupcakes, filled with true cupcake decorators

Photo credit: Flickr user Bev(Sugarbloom cupcakes)

I was rooming through flickr looking for some cupcake pictures and I stop to check out Sugarbloom photos. Wow, they are awesome. Their cupcake skills are on another level from what I'm used to seeing around the East Coast of the US. I would love to try their cupcakes and review them on my blog but they are located all the way in Perth, Western Australia. I guess I will have to wait until the day I go to Australia to try these cupcakes or try to get them to deliver me some express to New York City. I highly recommend them because their designs are professional, original, and creatively fun. They have motivated me to start working harder on my cupcake skills lol. I'm gonna see if I can reach Sugarbloom and interview them for a special post for the blog. So stay tune as I go and hunt them down. For the mean time go check out their website at SUGARBLOOM .

---Reporting Chef Sweet Cheeks


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